Fluids & Lubricants

Your magnificent scooter is a complex fusion of precision engineering and top quality metalwork. To keep your bike and/or scooter running for longer, you need to use the right fluids and lubricants that help protect it against wear.

At the AZ Scooter Parts, we understand that your bike and/or scooter needs the best. That is why we carry only the best fluids and lubricants including brands such as Bel-Ray, Motorex, Shell and Maxima.

Whether you need fluid or lubrication for your scooter or bike’s gears, chain or engine, we have just the product you need. If you love to do it yourself, we have a range of mixing bottles as well that help you get the right proportion for your 2-stroke engine.

Click on any of the fluids or lubricants below and start getting the most out of your scooter and bike today. Because at the AZ Scooter Parts, we want your fun to last a lifetime.

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