Grips, switch assembly controllers, and throttle controllers are all important parts on the scooter that help you drive with ease and control. Without the right kind of controller, you will find yourself perplexed when unable to hit the brakes or control the light switch. It is essential that you use only the finest quality products in this category that are installed properly to give you convenience and safety!

You will find a variety of the highest quality controllers differentiated by category that makes it easy to browse for the specific product. Look for a suitable product for your Scooter, ATV, Dirk Bike, Motorcycle, or Pocket bike from our wide range of brake lever switches, grips, throttles, and switch assembly controls.

With your safety and best interest at the core of our services, you will find that all our products are made from the finest material. They are durable and last longer giving you the peace of mind you deserve while driving!

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